Weekends On Tech Twitter™ - Salaries

— 2 minute read

Turns out, a character-limited platform that aggressively promotes hot takes is not suitable for a nuanced discussion about salaries.‌

As the weekend arrived, so did the weekly ordeal of relentless poor takes on Twitter. This week, Tech Twitter decided that a circular declaration of salaries was to be the main discourse and although the initial intent was probably good: the lack of context or nuance that Twitter is famous for, was yet again, forgotten.

The discussion quickly revealed that if your name is Chad, you can probably land a high-paying senior role after reading only 3 articles on W3 Schools. As no surprise to anyone, if your name isn’t Chad, the work required to land that same role would actually be around 10 years, along with a degree in computer science, where the salary would be around 30% lower than Chad’s. The discussions descended into other Chads—who earn comfortable 6-figure salaries—bikeshedding day-to-day living costs of people who don’t live in the Bay Area.

Lastly, as Tech Twitter often does: everyone forgot that the tech industry doesn’t exist solely in the Bay Area and the sudden realisation that salaries outside of that tiny, opaque bubble were in fact comparatively miniscule. This created a short period of pause for thought, but as always, this was only a minor speed bump for the speeding articulated lorry of awful takes.

At the time of writing, there are no reported cases of someone actually benefitting from this particular episode of Weekends On Tech Twitter™