Team of privileged white people want to fix exclusionary hiring processes

— 1 minute read

After much arguing on Design Twitter about hiring over the weekend, a team of privileged white people have decided that they are going to solve exclusionary hiring processes by designing a new, inclusive process. As the industry is all too aware: the only people who can solve inclusivity issues are those who have the most privilege.

Thrust together by a recruiter on Twitter, with no prior-consultation, they must now completely solve the design industry’s problem with masking spec work as a “hiring process”. This could also affect the Tech hiring process, which still features the pointless exercise of writing code, by hand, on a whiteboard.

To say there is a mountain to climb would be an understatement. The mountain may be a bit shorter if the crack-team of thinkers decided to consult those that are most affected by exclusionary hiring processes, but at the time of writing, only one of the members thrust together has highlighted this. Unfortunately, their pleas were drowned out by more men wanting to get involved.