Reply Guy feels like they’re talking to a brick wall

— 1 minute read

Full stack developer, Randy Hart, has tweeted that they are sick of being ignored. They believe that they provide an important service, mis-reading tweets and ignoring any context when they carefully craft their response.

They believe that they are entitled to a debate and they will keep going until they get one. They said: “People need to know that I think they are wrong. It’s incredibly important and they should respect that”.

Randy was also overheard saying: “I just wish people would take me seriously. Maybe it’s the default avatar that’s the problem?”. He then went on to say: “Someone even responded to my reply the other day and I got really excited. Finally, I thought someone was going to debate me, but they just sent a link to some sarcastic website with a goddamn thumbs up trophy”.

Randy continues his important work.