Man defends framework choices on Twitter

— 1 minute read

Developer, Mick Rasada, has spotted that their framework choice is getting some bad press on Tech Twitter.

This is a very serious situation because Mick can’t possibly be seen to be using a framework that isn’t completely perfect, with glowing reviews. Mick also doesn’t want to be seen to have made a mistake. This is unforgivable on Tech Twitter.

Because of the severity of this situation, Mick arms their battle station with links to obscure articles, tweets and misinterpreted parts of documentation. They then take to the replies.

After several “battles”, Mick feels like they have done a good job and carries on with their day.

“I was really struggling with a couple of the debates, because facts were presented, but after peppering them with multiple threads, with no further reply, I feel like my message got across”, said Mick. He went on to say: “Sometimes when I don’t get a response for a while, I’ll just keep the conversation going myself. It’s really important that they know that I think they are wrong”.