Developer with consistently awful takes is in the replies again

— 1 minute read

A new day arrives and relentless Twitter curse, Mick Rasada starts their day getting stuck into replying to tweets with their usual snarky and unhelpful comments. Mick feels that this work is important to “keep people in check”, but is often confused at why when anyone mentions their name: the response is, “oh, that guy”.

Aside from being an unwelcome pest in people’s replies, Mick posts a lot of awful takes on Twitter. Mick thinks he’s saying very smart things, but often, their naivety gets the better of them and the resulting tweet is what earns them the reputation of “that guy”. Unhelpfully, Mick has quite a large audience. However, this audience is made up of similar-minded pests like him, creating a testosterone-drenched echo chamber.

Mick will probably continue as he is, while the wider community hopes that one day, he will have the same fate as the notorious Critic Egg from Design Twitter.